Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Resent me to the bone.

Welcome to my very first blog entry! If you are serious Bob Dylan fan, you have probably noticed that the title of my blog is a reference to a fairly obscure Dylan song. “Property of Jesus” is a track off of Dylan’s much underrated album Shot of Love. The song is catchy little rocker, certainly not among Dyaln's greatest songs, but I have always felt a certain fondness for it. The song is written and sung with Dylan's characteristic sneer and defiance. At one point Dylan quips contemptuously, "You can laugh at salvation, you can play Olympic games." One can only imagine the decadence that "Olympic games" evoke for Dylan!

Someone made a video of the song, which includes footage from Bob's meeting with John Paul II, and posted it here on YouTube.

This blog will reflect my own interest in art, music, literature, culture, and especially faith and theology. If you have ever been stuck sitting next to me at a bar, that probably won’t be much of a shock to you! Hopefully, I will be updating fairly regularly. If you are reading and enjoying this blog, please let me know. I can use the encouragement!